Laid its foundations in jewelry sector in 1970, Ante Holding entered the tourism and construction sector in 2011. Taking the road with the truth that Istanbul, a world city, is in a very important position among the world countries in terms of tourism, the Holding focused its investments on Sultanahmet, known as the historical peninsula of Istanbul. The projects which are located within walking distance to Million Stone, once accepted as the center of the world and even today attracts millions of tourists; historical horse square, Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque, are not just valuable for the Holding but also priceless for Turkey.

Adopting to offer exclusive services and become the first as a principle, the Holding pays attention to every detail about the guests beyond their accommodation needs. The aim of the Group, which is trying to make their guests feel special with the ergonomic, innovative and child friendly concepts in the hotel, is to have a good place in all domestic and foreign guests’ memories.

The Holding is strengthening its position day by day via its international partnerships. While continuing its investments, the Holding’s aim is to increase the number of the hotels that serves on international standards and owned and run by the Holding, to become prominent with its service concept, always give priority to the guests.