W Yapı


W Construction has the management and implementation history of Ante Holding’s operations atwhich experiences are brought together for nearly half of a century. Construction experience of thegroup, which gathered for long years, communed with W Construction brand and the construction ofIpekyolu Jewelry building, Ante Holding Central Administration Building, SURA Hotels Design &Suites, SURA Hagia Sophia Hotel, Sura Restaurant, Deraliye Restaurant, and Beery Store arecompleted successfully.

Open to continuous improvement and change, giving importance to details, comfort, design and theneeds of the sector, adopting as a principle to add value to its services and present a value inconsequence, the group passed the test successfully through its constructions especially in tourismsector.

These moves are widened after the purchase and restoration of Cumhuriyet Newspaper’s building,which witnessed the history, and brought color and vision to hotel tourism. The new project that is toturn the neighbor buildings of Çorlulu Ali Pasha Madrasah into an 80-room marvelous hotel is beingawaited impatiently.