Having a 50-year experience in its past, the foundations of Ante Holding were laid in Gaziantep in 20 April 1970 in the name of İpekyolu Jewelry.

Coming to be known as the city of culture, industry and taste not only in Turkey but also in the world as a brand, Gaziantep is famous for leading many sectors by this time. The roots of jewelry, the most important one, lead back to centuries. The art of jewelry is still being professed in Gaziantep in a widespread and developed manner.

İbrahim Kaygısız, the founder and now Honorary President of Kaygısız Group, was interested in this art at a very early age and took the first step of entrepreneurship by founding his own atelier when he was just 16 years old.

At the beginning, making a great success in the sector with İpekyolu Jewelry, İbrahim Kaygısız aimed for the sky and decided to expand the company to Istanbul. The vision of İbrahim Kaygısız has been “Time is always precious.” Hitting the road on behalf of serving always the better to Turkish people, the journey led him to Istanbul in 1995. İbrahim Kaygısız worked his fingers to the bone with the soul of entrepreneurship in the big and competitive environment of İstanbul. In 2000, he moved into Çadırcı Han in Historical Beyazıd Square and İpekyolu Jewelry gained a spectacular showroom with a 3200 square meter area.

Today İpekyolu is making production in 8 countries, carrying out trade activities in 96 countries, developing more than 500 products in a month and keeping more than 1.5 million different models in stocks. İpekyolu identified developing, changing and dreaming vision of the Group at the very beginning, which consists of today’s targets and principles. Sette, Doliche and Seibu brands, which were founded under the Group in 2000, are the results of this vision. In order to host their guests and business colleagues from all over the world and in the aim of exhibiting Turkey’s cultural, economical and social richness, İbrahim Kaygısız decided to enter tourism sector. For the very first time, he brought SURA Hotel Design & Suites into service under Kaygısız Group in Sultanahmet, Istanbul’s historical peninsula in 2011.

The needs of Istanbul and the sector motivated Kaygısız Group’s excitement and moves. In 2014, 5-starred SURA Hagia Sophia Hotel opened its doors and the tourism activities of the Group gained a new and forward dimension. These moves are followed by the purchase of Cumhuriyet Newspaper’s building, which witnessed the history. The building was renovated and gained a new face to contribute hotel tourism with its vision and colors. The building, neighbor to Çorlulu Ali Paşa Madrasah, turned into an 80-room gorgeous hotel and the Group continued its expansion with these novelties.

The Group, who made a decision of expansion considerably in business areas, went into action in Russia’s capital Moscow through transportation sector.